Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium Amazing!

We visited the aquarium last Saturday... we'd been wanting to go since I heard it had whale sharks! It costs about 2,ooo yen/20 bucks, but was well worth it and we will go again and again! They had the exhibits divided up by regions in the world, so enjoy the tour! There are about 30 images though.. so keep scrolling till you see us at the end riding on the giant Ferris wheel that overlooks Osaka and is right next to the aquarium...


  1. SWEET Pics! I love aquariums, and so jealous you got to see whale sharks! I can't even imagine how big that tank must be to house, what, three of them?!

  2. RAD pics! You got some awesome shots. That looks so fabulous! We can hardly wait! :) :) :)