Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to Osaka-Jo!

We took a stroll last Friday with friends Ben and Lelia at Osaka Castle. There were a few trees in bloom but still many more to come! We are heading to Kyoto tomorrow since I think the blooms are mostly open there... we are going to head back to the monkey park that we visited 2 years ago in beautiful Arashiyama, so many more pics to come!

how cute...

pruning the plum and peach trees

There's a cat in the bag!
This was hilarious! every once in a while the cat would let out a helpless meow!

Ben and Jeff, doesn't Jeff look pretty?!

Tako-yaki heads!

Jeff is loosing weight here and that's not good for me! He's starting to make me look fat!

Sake slam

Jeff climbing the castle walls...

Nutria surfaced in the castle mote

this is a pano taken with our Japanese cell phone, sorry it's not any bigger

pretty half breed

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  1. Totally awesome pictures!! Are those prayers wrapped around that branch? So beautiful! you guys are having way fun! You do NOT look fat! :)