Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween in Osaka

well, I can't say it was too eventful... Halloween here mostly consists of some cheesy decorations and is more of a consumer holiday if anything- but what's new. I did get to have some easy going 'Halloween Lessons' with my kids classes though... Jeff will have to post his pics next!

These are my AM's they're 4-5, they've really grown on me :)

These are my BZ's ages 8-9 maybe? Some make it hard to teach, but they are all good kids.

My Co's, ages9-10, one is missing- this is my biggest class of 8- I don't know how Real teachers do a class of 30 plus!! Of course being able to understand each other helps ;)

These are my JA's or Junior High kids, they have been a long way in coming- we have fun together now, mild fun :)

My Wednesday BZ's one is missing- these kids are amazing, so smart and I really feel like I'm teaching them English!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Somebodys persimmons

Enjoying a nice lunch before work

Only 210¥!

On the ching ching densha


Or Osmanthus- the best smell ever.


On a lovely Sunday afternoon- we went to check out the buskers.. Eh,
but good excuss to go to the castle:)

Serious bird photogs only.

Up at the castle... The bird hopped out of the bushes and shutter
madness ensued...

Lost key

Saw this dangeling at the pond... Hope someone found their key!
Hopefully the same thing will happen with jeffs lost jacket!

Fun color from clothes drying

The beautiful light in our little apartment

Basically the whole west wide wall is two sliding glass windows...
Which could mean we're going to be in for a cold one this winter!

Dotombori bridge- Osaka

Always happenin Dotombori bridge

Jeff really wanted this!

But he settled on the scarier gold mask instead

I hope someone wears this for Halloween!

I will die laughing!!! Actually I was really surprised- well I should
have known- how many creative and hillarious costumes there were in
the stores!

Mt. Rokko pool

Yuka San

On our lovely hike down mt Rokko on a national holiday- sports day!
Jeff uploaded the pics on his facebook...:)

Leigh & the laundrymat

We shot these a couple weeks ago- just need to make time to pick my
favs and put them on flickr... I wanted to get this shot with the old
ladies looking on.. I wish I could know what they were thinking.. I'm
sure it would be funny! Leigh rocked it with crazy contorted figures,
I'll update with more later!

Update; You can view them on my Flickr page here:



Friday, October 9, 2009

Garlicy goodness!

Home made pesto from this summers basil! I made it a while ago with
garlic and basil and olive oil... Think I went a little crazy with the
garlic though, or else I was supposed to cook it first?? Anyways still
tastey with a side of garlic gyoza! Yum!

Friday, October 2, 2009

August-September Pics up...

You can see them here on my facebook page...

pics from:

-yodagawa fireworks
-jody, maddy, and calvy visit
-utsubo park
-mt. rokko, kobe
-mt. hiei, kyoto