Sunday, February 22, 2009

First sushi experience!

So after the tako-yaki didn't go so well we headed down a popular side mall and found an inviting sushi place. On Japanese people were in there but the staff told us to come in so we did. We sat down and tried to order sake- salmon sushi.. We said yes to something the chef asked us and were brought warm sake to drink.. Haha. It was good anyway. Then we ordered salmon sushi by pointing to a picture and jeff got ebi- shrimp sushi. It was delisious! I got a cucumber roll which was loaded with sinus blowing wasabi!
The guy sitting next to us wanted to talk to us, but it was tough, he thought we were Australian.. We said American and Seattle. Since most people know Ichiro plays there.. He understood . Then asked us if we were related or married... Jeff figured this out some how and pointed to his ring and they understood... Funny stuff! That question hast come up in a long time!
We are dying to learn some Japanese as smiling and nodding only go so far...
We still don't have Internet, so were in the same mall we wrote from yesterday..
More soon!

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