Tuesday, February 24, 2009

America, take notice.

When we get back and order iced tea, please offer liquid sweetener
like they do here in Japan. No one wants to wait for the crystal
sugar to melt in ice cold water. Really.

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  1. Exactly! Many, many years ago there was this great restaurant on Sawtelle called Sawtelle Kitchen (still there). I used to be infatuated with Iced Cappuccinos and they used to make great ones; on top of that, they would bring it out with liquid sweetener and that was indeed the answer to everything in the universe!

    Now, I seldom get Iced Capps/Coffees anymore 'cuz it's a rare Barista that will "melt" in the sugar first!

    Btw, even better than bartender's "simple syrup" (which is usually just refined sugar and water) is Agave Nectar (like from Madhava), a natural sweetener -- it has a lower glycemic index, is organic, and is stronger. I've been using it exclusively now in my "special" drinks ;-)

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