Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween in Osaka

well, I can't say it was too eventful... Halloween here mostly consists of some cheesy decorations and is more of a consumer holiday if anything- but what's new. I did get to have some easy going 'Halloween Lessons' with my kids classes though... Jeff will have to post his pics next!

These are my AM's they're 4-5, they've really grown on me :)

These are my BZ's ages 8-9 maybe? Some make it hard to teach, but they are all good kids.

My Co's, ages9-10, one is missing- this is my biggest class of 8- I don't know how Real teachers do a class of 30 plus!! Of course being able to understand each other helps ;)

These are my JA's or Junior High kids, they have been a long way in coming- we have fun together now, mild fun :)

My Wednesday BZ's one is missing- these kids are amazing, so smart and I really feel like I'm teaching them English!

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  1. Awesome--- your AMs look like cuties... I had only 2 kids for my one and only kids AK class, but I wanted to kidnap them, they were way adorable.

    Have a great 9 day break!.