Monday, September 21, 2009

3 new short videos to watch!

It's Silver Week now! The whole country gets mon-weds off, but since our normal weekend is thurs-friday.. we get 5 days off! We have no major plans really, so it's time to catch up!

Here's a link to "in the fishbowl." a Imageography project that Leigh and I had started in July, and just finally finished up the edit. We are really excited about it and would love to hear what you think... please check it out here:
and share with your peeps ;)

here's just a couple clips to entice you!

While in Bali Cori and I did an Imageography piece with her art. I called it "Bali Art Department" and you can watch it here:
It's really cool to see how her work unfolds and all in the beauty of Bali with traditional music!
You can see lots more of Cori's amazing work here:
Please share with friends!

On September 11th Jeff played his first gig in Osaka! You can watch him sing "When I Paint my Masterpiece" here:
Hopefully there will be more of that to come...

Hope you enjoyed the videos! We are really happy here creating art and music and now that it's turned fall- almost, it's even more enjoyable being in Japan.
Love to you all!

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