Friday, August 28, 2009

More salad rolls and raw goo balls:)

Been on a major healthy eating kick lately, trying to balance out and
get my irritated Osaka skin back to normal- and hopefully better than
ever! This health kick has me staying away from dairy ( as usual) but
also wheat- impossible for me but I'm trying... And so that pretty
much leaves a diet of greens, fruit, and fish! Which I am excited
about but it's also daughnting buying fruit here:( $2 alpples, $6
peaches-forget it! But we've been making due and today I made more
tofu salad wraps and tried these raw ball things, these will be
nothing like the ones we had in Bali, but I had to try.. They are
cooling in the fridge now.. Will report back.


  1. i'm excited for you to teach me when you get back...looks like a perfect diet!! :)

  2. That sounds great Morgie!!! Altho those fruit prices are reminded me to be grateful :)