Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kyoto Anniversary Weekend!

We had a wonderful 1st anniversary! We celebrated in Kyoto and went back to the spot Jeff proposed a little over 2 years ago! It was cool to be back there and see more of the area that we haven't seen yet. It's also cool to see a dream came true and we got to fulfill our dreams to live in Japan! When we visited the first time Japan was a magic place with awesome sites, culture, and food. Well almost 5 months in, it still is a wonderland. Of course if we didn't have to work and we could just spend our time sight seeing it would be much nicer... but its been interesting to get an in depth look at working in this culture.

On to some pics! Oh there is many many more of the weekends adventures of temples and shrines at

here's the spot that changed our lives...

lotus fields forever on the way to Tenruji Temple

We only had 12 minutes to go through these gardens, not enough time at all, but we had the place to ourselves!

Hozu river in Arashiyama... so beautiful!

Kiomizu-dera... finally! lots more on my website.

Jeff waits with Totoro.

Kwanon- Goddess of Mercy and Compassion sits in the mountains where people come to pay respects to the unknown soldiers of World War II. Breathtaking.

Kodai-ji Temple amazing garden grounds!


Before heading home we stumbled onto this... older men gathering to carry these shrine like pagodas...

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  1. Great pictures! Can't believe it's already been a year! Happy belated Anniversary!