Friday, June 26, 2009

St. Louis Boltonsans visit!

Here's a little recap of the fun we had while Aaron, Nicole, and Matthew visited last week... first stop Kyoto- Arashiyama and the Monkey Park... It was beautiful with the green hills, although a bit hot.

Uncle Jeff and Matthew have the same sweet tooths...

Feeding time!

It was hot... time for a swim!

This scene was beautiful, Jeff got some video we'll have to post soon, but there was a lady playing the trumpet over this beautiful river...

This was the night Jeff won me the Rilakkuma outfit... and that's all I'll say about that!

Next stop- Nara.
Matthew found a great frog and turtle pond!

Jeff tells the deer "I got none!"

some of Matthews adoring fans :)

Matthew becomes enlightened!

"Everybody was kung-fu fighting! Yow! Huh!"

Look, it's Bambi!

Next stop, ShiTennoji Market

This rice was a huge seller.. next time I'll have to stand in line and find out why...

What a great visit! So glad you guys came!!!

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