Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yes, we have been slackin'!

But the good news is we have action packed blog posts on their way! Here are the picture highlights from the Pet Show we went to over Golden Week as well as our trip to the beach town, Shirahama... Video highlights are up next!

who needs a dog pranny when you can look cooler like this?!

Leila and one of the cutest bunnies ever

double fistin'

how can you resist all this cuteness?!

my, what pretty eyes you have!

overwhelmed at the cat cafe

riddin' in style

I think they need to upgrade to the 3 dog pranny


On to Shirahama... a couple hours south by train, Shirahama is the sister beach to Waikiki- at least in July and August when this place is hot and packed with beach bathers. It was mellow and the skies were turning on us.. but we still enjoyed a sit on the beach, one of the oldest onsens recorded in Japans history, and some sights similar to the Oregon coast... kind of.

Beautiful imported sand from Australia- but of course!

where the hot stinky sulfur meets the sea...

The onsens are divided into men and women, so Jeff and I separated for an hour to relax in the hot as hell natural baths... with a view of the pacific ocean and waves splashing up, it was pretty nice!

Then onto some sightseeing down the coast... this didn't seem too impressive to us at the time, but this pic looks cool :) I think it's called Senjo-jiki or Thousand Tatami Mat Point.

And then this site- called Sandan-heki, Three Step Cliff, which was impressive and beautiful!

Jeff enjoys his 1st micro-brew in Japan- the verdict- not bad!

Shirahama beach nightscape

Stay tuned for the video!!!

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  1. Wow! I'm just about speechless after those puppy pics. The beach looked gorgeous too. Glad you had fun!