Friday, April 3, 2009

Let's all go to Kyoto!

A sneak peak of Thursday's visit to Kyoto! Lots more to come, but will probably post on my website...

cutest shiba inu ever.

ok, I think the cute obsession has gone to far!

lot's of pinhole to develop!

is this scene real?! I could have stayed on the little bridge and taken pics forever! unfortunately every other photog in Kyoto felt the same

The famous cherry tree in Maruyama park in Gion, Kyoto

more to come!


  1. oooh...ahhh....wish I was there!

  2. i'm sold! ready to move there NOW!

    these make my kyoto pictures look like something from cleveland! :(

  3. haha, which is probably what I would make someone's mouth look like if I was their Dentist! haha :)